Digital Alley Cat Mani

Finish:  Punk Bikes, 2 Bedford St, Cardiff CF24 3BZ

Flat Earth:  125 Albany Rd, Cardiff CF24 3NS

Find checkpoint person. 

Army:  184 GabalfaAve, Cardiff CF14 2HX

Gather intelligence.  Take a photo of the rear entrance. There should be a small group of signs.  We need to see this data, take a photo.

Communication:  Global Reach, Watkins Way CF11 0SN

Find the black building that holds all the data. You will need a selfie as proof.

Media:  S4C Parc Ty Glas, Cardiff CF14 5DU

Find the dishes that broadcast fake news.  You will need a selfie as proof. 

Government:  Cardiff CF10 3NQ

Find checkpoint person.