Bicycles and alternative subcultures are so tightly linked they breach boundaries.  Hip Hop Heads and Hipsters both love Fixes.  Street #bikelife wheelie kids are in two camps 26 inch or 29 inch; they both hate 650b bicycles.  Where subcultures cross you find the edge and edgy activities.  When you undertake these activities you can end up in trouble, Graffiti is one of these subcultures.  This isn’t something we can sit back and watch happen.

At Punk Bikes Ltd somethings #wedontneedtoknow we just wanna help.  Some people join a team, crew, squad to belong somewhere and feel safe.  Some c&$t once said “The rule of law must prevail over the rule of the mob” we don’t accept this.  A mob is a driven team with an clear intention.  And so the graffiti mob of Cardiff can prevail over the law; we launched Punk Bikes Legal Wall.

Our safe wall is that: safe.  You are invited to paint the designated wall.  Its is CCTV covered, well lit and attached to a public highway.  Our graffteam lead can be contacted at  for all related enquires for our Wednesday night paint sessions.  However as  #wedontneedtoknow if you gotta hit something paint our wall!  If you have any issues, direct the relevant “person with authority” to me.

Now we have just two simple requests:

Please leave the spot clean.  We don’t wanna be sweeping up after you.

Also, while the spot is legal, you might get grief from a “person with authority”.

Remember: while you’re safe to paint, there may be a “person with authority” that would love to get you for something else.  In the event that something happens please open this link and review what the “person with authority” is authorised to do.  Please ask a friend to record the whole encounter on their phone.  Please instruct the “person with authority” to turn on any “Body Cam” or “Personal CCTV” they are wearing.