Forme ATLOW Single Speed Bicycle


Urban Single Speed / Fixie / Forme ATLOW

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As we adapt to the new normal you may find yourself searching for alternative means of transport. The Atlow is a bicycle in its simplest form. With its slender steel tubes, lightweight 28h wheels and single speed drivetrain, it is a practical, functional bike designed to provide hassle free cycling. Whether it is riding to work or cruising to the coffee shop, the Atlow is enjoyable, inspiring and stylish. FEATURES: SIZE 53cm SLENDER STEEL FRAME SINGLE SPEED DRIVETRAIN LOW FLANGE 28H TRACK HUBS DUAL PIVOT CALIPER BRAKES Designed in the UK for both short and long commutes, light enough to be carried upstairs if you live in a flat and stylish enough to turn heads on the street. This is a low cost alternative to being stuck on a train or bus, and guaranteed to make you feel better at the end of the day. This guarantee comes as the more your heart races and the more you turn the pedals the more active your travel becomes.

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