At Punk Bikes LTD we want to offer the best bicycle service options in Cardiff. Walk in resolution on small issues such as punctures or replacement tyres is no issue. We complete most services or repairs in 48 hours. With us, expect clear pricing and servicing options split into fixed prices; so the only thing that effects the price is the parts needed. We do not charge an hourly or half hour rate.

You will find us at Punk Bikes LTD, Rear of 2 – 4 Bedford Street, Cardiff, CF24 3BZ. Our opening hours are:

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm & Saturday 10am to 4pm.

You can get in touch by either walking in, calling us, sending a DM on Instagram or Facebook or send Hedwig the Owl. Our email address is hello@punk.bike or call us on +(44)02920486311 to make it easier for us.

If you are struggling to find us, click HERE to load a GoogleMap Link then hit directions.

Our approach…

Before we complete any work for you, we will fully explain what’s needed, provide you with a quote and keep you updated should things change. This approach helped us build a reputation for being a well trusted indy bicycle service centre. However we do not just service bicycles. As an active trading bicycle shop we sell bicycles, as well as prepare, repair, build and customise bicycles. We have a heavy workshop to take on welding and fabrication tasks if needed. Check out our Instagram for some inspiration or check the google reviews.

In store we couldn’t possibly stock everything we can source but we do have accounts with all major suppliers. If you need your hybrid MTB serviced or whether if it is SRAM AXS, Shimano Di2, Campagnolo Ekar we got you covered.

If you are looking for a new bicycle we have a small amount of options in store, but we have a large supplier base to approach. So whether its a Cinelli, a Forme or even an E-bike we can help you. We can arrange Bike2Work also should you wish to do it via salary payments.

Why us…

Bikes shops by their very nature offer a place for people to meet and hang out. All sorts of people, from the everyday folk to mavericks, weirdos and non-conformists. The drop outs. The pushed outs. And we like that edge. We like people who are looking for the non mainstream. Due to the nature of interest, we have been involved in a full documentary film with Global Cycling Network, [Send It], as the primary shop space. BBC and ITV news have both used the shop as a backdrop. S4C have produced retail shopping experience with us, and we have provided bicycles for productions for Wolf Productions / BBC and Pinewood Studios. Yearly we also accommodate film and photography students attend to prepare images for their first year assessments. We have never let the original vision of Punk Bikes slip away and do not intend to either.

So if you’re looking for an Indy bike shop, where the money you spend feeds the employees, helps your community by having a flexible understanding space that contributes as much as it can please do consider us. Or if you just want a fair priced bicycle shop staffed with a very knowledgable, highly trained and well tooled mechanic we are here for you.

A bit about us…

So now you have got to know us, why not tell you a little more of our history and how we got here. Punk Bikes LTD was born out of an interest to have a community based around bicycles which goes back a number of years. We formed a general workshop and second hand bike shop and small group of contributors maintained the idea, paying the rent either from endeavours inside or outside the shop. We had events, races, BBQs and a lot of shenanigans which built a community but not much revenue. As things do, people came and left, but from that original group only Tom remained. Focused on ensuring the shop survived to Tom kept moving forward.

In 2018 Tom partnered with Alex and they formed Punk Bikes LTD, with a friend Zack. Soon we would be back to a two man team, then Sam joined us for a short period. But this is the very centre of Punk Bikes, different people joining the journey and taking off again in their own direction leaving their impression with us.

Now for the legal bit…

Our registered office is:

PUNK BIKES LTD 2 – 4 Rear of Bedford Street, Cardiff, CF24 3BZ

Alex Williams – Servicing, Workshop and Fabrication 
Thomas Whitmill – Sales, Business Development and Accounts

Company Registration Number:11608213 
VAT Registration Number:362732204